VISITORS returning to Longleat on Monday will have the chance to meet a pair of new kids on the block in the shape of tiny African pygmy goats Piglet and Peewee.

The twin females were born at the end of March and are now making themselves at home in the Wiltshire attraction’s Family Farmyard.

The tiny two-week-old kids share their new home with mum Pixie and dad Prince along with donkeys, an emu, wallabies, chickens, rabbits and turkeys.

Despite their diminutive stature, the goats are extremely agile climbers and love to jump onto tree trunks and rocks.

Longleat Keeper Jack Crossman said: “Piglet is named because she is quite greedy and likes to hog mum for attention. She also has a white splodge on her forehead.

“Peewee was smaller at birth and needed some help to get her feeding from mum.

"They love the sunshine and are happily bouncing around the enclosure, chasing the chickens, learning to climb and to headbutt!

“Both kids are already proving quite a handful and keep getting out of the farmyard area and running around the main field,” he added.

As their name suggests African pygmy goats are small in size, only reaching a maximum height of around 50 centimetres when fully grown.

Peewee and Piglet weighed around 1.5 kilogrammes at birth but both are feeding well from mum Pixie and growing fast.