TOP Gear presenters Freddie Flintoff, Paddy McGuiness and Chris Harris raced 'midlife crisis cars' on a Wiltshire racetrack and at a Ministry of Defence base near Royal Wootton Bassett.

In Sunday's edition of the hit TV show, the trio had £8,000 to buy what they thought would be ideal cars for respectable middle-aged gentlemen like themselves. 

Paddy picked a knock-off Ferrari, Chris chose a Vauxhall Monaro and Freddie purchased a Chimaera TVR.

They raced their new motors against teenagers from the Junior Saloon Car Championships at Castle Combe racetrack.

Freddie and Paddy were each overtaken by six Saxos during their lap while semi-pro racing driver Chris managed to stay ahead of the whole pack for the whole route.

They later drove through the Vale of the White Horse while speaking to camera before heading to MoD Lyneham for the next challenge - a 'gymkhana' course where a high performance car must speed through an obstacle course as quickly as possible, as demonstrated by the Stig.

To add an extra wrinkle, the presenters had to wear a suit which simulated the effects of old age by weighing down their hands, chest and ankles.

After much spinning out and honking of horns between the three of them, Freddie won by completing the course in just over five minutes.

The last edition in the latest series of the BBC's flagship motoring programme ended with the lycra-clad trio taking part in an unusual triathlon at the Cotswold Water Park involving jetskis, pushbikes, and laps in their midlife crisis opportunity cars. 

After each presenter hit an unexpected setback, Freddie Flintoff won.

The episode is available on BBC iPlayer.