FOUR-YEAR-OLD Chloe Boyle has completed thousands of jumps on her trampoline to raise money to help a military family.

Major Chris Brannigan’s eight-year-old daughter Hasti was diagnosed with the disorder Cornelia de Lange Syndrome in 2018.

Children with CdLS often suffer seizures and severe anxiety and the disorder has no cure or treatment.

The charity Help for Hasti was founded last year, and aims to raise £2.5m to fund vital research to develop gene therapy and conduct clinical trials.

Now it has launched a virtual fundraiser to encourage supporters to collectively travel the equivalent distance from the Earth to the Moon (238,000 miles) to raise money to fund vital research into the disorder.

Chloe, who goes to St Joseph’s in Devizes, and her mum Julie, have completed 17,000 jumps and counting on their trampoline – the equivalent of 34 miles so far– and raised more than £1,000 already.

Chloe explained she had “lots of energy” and that the challenge wasn’t tiring at all. Raising lots of money for charity gave her a very good feeling, she said.

Julie added: “She’s loving the challenge so far. She knows what are doing is for Hasti and understands how it is making a difference.

“Hasti is only a few years older than her, which I think is what makes this special.

“I’ve followed the charity since the start, the family used to live in Wiltshire, so when I saw the virtual challenge I knew we should get involved. I asked Chloe ‘do you want to go to the moon’ and she said yes, and suggested the trampoline.

“It gets her outside and having fun.”

Chloe hopes people can join her virtually on April 10 to complete a mile of walking, running, cycling or even jumping on the trampoline.

Donate at to Chlose here. Help for Hasti is here.