Lead and copper has been stripped from homes being refubished in Bulford.

Three unoccupied houses in Milston Road were broken into at some point over the weekend and copper tanks and piping, as well as lead from the top of the garages, were stolen.

There was also a considerable amount of damage caused by the fact that the water was let out of the tanks.

PC Lyndsey Smith, from the Amesbury Area Community Policing Team, said: “Although these houses are currently unoccupied they are being refurbished and these burglaries have caused a considerable amount of disruption and frustration.

“Due to the fact that the copper tanks were removed, the offender or offenders would have been in the properties for a considerable amount of time, so there is a possibility that passers-by will have noticed something.

“If you were in the area of the weekend and witnessed anything suspicious then please call us.”