A dusty tumble dryer caused a call-out in Wiltshire yesterday.

Firefighters from Calne and Chippenham raced to the scene of Watermint Way, in Calne, shortly before 11am.

It emerged to be a false alarm.

The fire service said: "One pump from Calne and one pump from Chippenham were mobilised to a report of a tumble dryer smoking and smoke detector sounding in a property on Watermint Way, Calne.

"On arrival the crews found this was a false alarm with good intent due to dust in new tumble dryer setting off the smoke alarm.

"The dryer was removed to the outside on request of the occupier and a replacement smoke alarm was installed."

This morning (March 18) a fire crew from Corsham responded to an alarm activation at a residential property in Grove Road in Corsham.

The alarm had been set off accidentally and firefighters confirmed that all was in order before returning to their station.