Woolly tweeters are being put in trees around Chippenham to promote the fringe festival.

The festival runs until March 7 - and the Crazy Crochet and Nutty Knitting group is busy making little birds - and yarn bombing around town.

"They're quick and easy to knit and I've left them at bus stops, park benches, in trees, on fences, and in shop doorways," said knitter Helen Osborne-Swan.

"Lots of people have found them and posted them on Facebook, saying how much fun it was to find them and they'd made them smile. More than 50 have landed in Chippenham -  they've all been 'found' and even though many were NOT posted on Facebook, I'm sure they've all gone to good homes! A few more will flock into Chippenham this weekend."

"We are calling on a all yarn lovers to enter a mad competition," says Helen.

"We would love to see some crazy crochet-ing.

"We'd love to see pictures so please send them to our Facebook page"

Finalist's creations will be displayed in a Chippenham shop window after the event closes.

The people of Chippenham are no strangers to a bit of yarn bombing.

Knitted postbox toppers appeared around the town over Christmas to cheer everyone up for the festive season.

The Knatty Knitters showed off their own work all over the town centre.