Rock star Pete Doherty has been spotted running in Marlborough, with his former landlord Ralph Bernard.

Mr. Bernard is a marathon runner and knocked on Doherty's door and asked him to go for a run.

While Doherty is reportedly out of shape, he's found running is a good way to shed weight that he gained in rehab.

Doherty has also reportedly started doing press-ups and begun meditating to help improve his health.

It has also been suggested that he may be training to run the London marathon. When questioned, a spokesperson for Doherty said, "There is some truth to this - you never know what could happen."

However, the running may just be a way to counter his other new addiction, mince pies.

He reportedly said: "It is going to be mince pies for me this Christmas. I have got a massive order on the way."