SHOPLIFTERS raided a Westbury petrol station twice within three days, it has been disclosed this week.

The first raid took place on Thursday, February 4 at 18.24pm, and the second on Saturday, February 6 at 9.11pm.

Staff at the Esso petrol station on the Warminster Road say they have reported both incidents to the police.

Speaking to the Times, shop assistant Ambika Kanjanthan, said: "We are working very hard and people are not ashamed to shoplift.

"In one of the incidents, a man in a grey jumper is showing a lady which item to steal and he is spending time at the counter while she is shoplifting.

"She took the item and then was gone. We want to put a stop to it. The people were not English.

"Our suspicions were aroused because he said 'keep the change' several times. Afterwards, we checked the CCTV."

In the first raid, the thieves stole two bottles of wine at £8.99 each and a can of Red Bull at £2.69.

In the second incident, the thieves took a mobile phone charger and socket worth £13.99.

Wiltshire Police said the incident was being investigated.