Here are some of your views and opinions on our top commented stories online this week:

Following news that lockdown rules could be relaxed soon, we asked what rule you would like to see removed first.

The Government will analyse data this week on coronavirus case numbers, hospital admissions, deaths and the impact of the vaccine rollout as the Prime Minister works to prepare his plan to slowly open up the country once more.

Doug Hilditch: I would like to see the virus well and truly under control before anything is lifted

Deb Samways: Going into my grandchildren homes or them coming into mine

Amy Cooper: Having a cuppa at someone else’s house

Ben Goodhind: Nothing should change until all critical keyworkers are vaccinated. Criminal justice staff, teachers, nursery staff, food retail etc. We have been in harms way for too long.

Leander Morales: Whatever the majority of trained and educated scientists in the field of virology and immunology believe won’t send us into another lockdown

Helen Blatcher: Schools opening

Paul Blackburn: They should definitely keep the rule which stops in-laws coming into the house. Doorstep visits is perfect for them!

Lisa Blackburn: Anything that means my children can be out with their friends and get active with their clubs back on again. School as well I suppose

Mick Swaine: Open up the public toilets

Ryan Linke: But it could be history repeating itself. Last Summer I thought we were over the worse. Then the schools went back and numbers started going up again. This was before the Kent strain was identified. I’ve heard we are still going to have to social distance until the end of the year. Which means relaxing lockdown could backfire. I’ve spent 11 months in prison and want parole and my freedom back!

Bob Condrey: Go out in the fresh air to enjoy your socially distanced hobby/sport/pastime - not just jog/walk your dog/walk

Sarah Bye: I don’t want anything relaxed that’s gonna keep our patients and our hospitals in hell... Please don’t break our NHS

Sally Henley: Pubs reopening so I can go back to working in one!!

Christopher Williams: Having a meal out

Our story about a rescued swan in Westbury sparked a swathe of positive comments for the RSPCA and the Swan Support charity.

However, people were angered that the swan, covered in oil, had been harmed deliberately or that the waste had been dumped in the pond near to Mane Way in Westbury.

Donna Hall: Well done to everyone that cared

Gaz Welsh: Absolutely vile why do people ruin it for others!

Bev Vockins: So glad they’ve managed to rescue it - disgusting that someone thought it’s ok to dump oil anywhere, let alone by water where birds and other wild life are - let’s hope they get caught

Lisa Green Was Hurkett: Well done those involved in the rescue. And those who dumped oil there. Shame on you. Disgusting

Hayley Symes: I’m so glad they have helped them

Tributes continued to roll in for 18-year-old Bethany Ovenden Gumm who lost her life in a car crash in Westbury.

Flowers and more than 80 bouquets were left at the scene in The Mead.

Letters paid tribute to Ms Gumm, “a truly beautiful soul” who was “loved by so many.”

One person wrote: “Although you are still here with me in spirit, there’s always going to be a hole in my heart.”

Mags Snart: Having just lost my son in a road accident my heart goes out to her parents.

Phil Roberts: A very sad waste of innocent life , watch your speeds people and condolence to her family and friends

Mary Thurlow: Just remember there are four families who are upset and devastated

Loretta Jane Pritchard: Fly high Angel. Thoughts to all families involved at this distressing time

Phil Newman: So sad and just beginning her life. My heart goes out to family n friends truly a sad shocking time for them all.

Jane Millard: Tragic waste of life.