TODAY we bring welcome assurance that the brighter days of spring are on their way in Wiltshire.

Visitors are unable to visit the highly popular snowdrops display at Great Chalfield Manor because of the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

So we thought we'd bring you some photographs of the 15th century manor's beautiful snowdrop display in its Arts and Crafts garden now run by the National Trust.

Robert and Patsy Floyd, who live at Great Chalfield Manor, says they are lucky to have a beautiful snowdrop display.

Mr Floyd added: "At Great Chalfield we are blessed with many snowdrops, or candlemas bells, as they were called in olden times.

"We divide some of the plants every year and spread them further around the garden and orchard down to the stream.

"Unfortunately, because of the Covid pandemic, we are unable to hold our snowdrop day for Dorothy House Hospice but we are delighted that Trevor Porter came in to take some pictures to show everyone.

"Jessie, our draft mare, enjoys seeing the snowdrops every day."

The Trust says its supporters take the pulse of spring each year on Valentine's Day by seeing what’s in flower in their garden and local area.

They have voted snowdrops as their favourite spring flower for second year running.

The Trust said: "These hardy blooms are a symbol of hope and resilience and a welcome reminder that spring is on the horizon."

Up to 93 per cent of the Flower Count survey respondents have seen them in flower in their own gardens or on their local walks this year, up from 88 per cent in 2020.

Great Chalfield Manor hopes to open for its annual plant fair in May.