2020 will be forever famous as the Year of Covid. In Wiltshire, a group of passionate locals hope it will also be remembered as the year when the fervour and inventiveness of Extinction Rebellion met the steadfast experience of the ‘eco old guard’ and Wiltshire Climate Alliance was conceived.

There have been local climate campaign groups across our county for around 12 years, from the highly successful Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon to Melksham Climate Friendly Group’s more modest endeavours and from Salisbury Transition City to Transition Marlborough. At a meeting in Trowbridge Town Hall on January 25, 2020, the activism of the School Strike for Climate and XR’s spectacular protests brought new energy.

By February 2020, WCA had formed and begun its work of linking with Wiltshire Council on progress with the council’s February 2019 acknowledgement of a Climate Emergency. By July a WCA website was in place. and by October, topic groups began meeting.

Convenor of WCA, Bill Jarvis, said: “I feel very strongly that now is our time, with such recent positive developments as the election of Joe Biden, bringing the USA’s re-engagement with the 2015 Paris Agreement; Japan’s revising (from 80% to 100%) its commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050; China’s declaration that it aims to be carbon neutral by 2060 and the UK’s Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution (Nov 2020) which promises a 68% reduction in carbon emissions by 2030.

“Other favourable background factors include the appointment of Mark Carney (former Governor of the Bank of England) as Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance by the UN Secretary-General, as we build towards COP26 in November.

In addition, Covid-19 has created a widespread desire for a major reset of our social, political and economic systems.

“So, in this new year, come and help WCA mark the second anniversary of the momentous Wiltshire Council acknowledgement of the Climate Emergency.

“I say to those Wiltshire residents who’ve felt puzzled or disengaged on climate concerns: join us campaigning to protect our planet; you can make a difference!”


Key meetings this month (all currently online via Zoom)
February 19: MP Climate Summit. WCA will be attending and it is open to all in Wiltshire 
February 22: WCA Youth Group workshop with WC 
23rd February 23: WC Full Council meeting, the 2nd anniversary of the council acknowledging that there is a Climate Emergency, plus WCA events. 

Current Topic Groups 
Transport and Active Travel 
Land Use and Management 
Sustainable Development 
Waste and Recycling 
Our Topic Groups are information hubs and support the development of climate and ecological solutions. All hold meetings at least monthly. Information on dates and meeting registration at https://www.wiltshireclimatealliance.org.uk 
For further information contact Bill Jarvis/Christian Lange/Eva McHugh at contact@wiltshireclimatealliance.org.uk