A RETIRED British Army officer has shared his memories of the armed forces in a new book.

Brigadier Ian McGill, from Salisbury, decided to share his memories on service in the British Army, in which he covers many different military operations and experiences.

His newly-published book Every Day is Different, describes a remarkable career illustrated with fabulous photos as well as including some poignant moments and insights.

Brigadier McGill was brought up on a farm in Zimbabwe, which is described in the first chapter of the book and gives the reader a glimpse of a different culture from the outset.

He now lives in Salisbury with his wife, Mary, and his recollections range from the conflicts in Northern Ireland, Kuwait and Bosnia, to building a road in Thailand and bridges on the M25, serving with Commando and Airborne Forces, winter training in Norway and Canada, playing cricket and much more.

Ian said: "Throughout my career I’ve been very fortunate to have served in many different environments with talented and committed soldiers.

"Writing this book has brought home to me just how blessed I’ve been with their comradeship and how lucky I am with my loving family and good friends.

"Above all, I thank Mary for her unstinting support, love, gentleness and understanding.”

Every Day is Different not only gives an insight into the horrors of some major conflicts but it also touches on human and emotional issues.

In some places, it is very funny and heart-warming – the author’s descriptions of some scenes and characters are wickedly amusing.

Every Day is Different is published by Riverside Publishing Solutions in Salisbury. You can buy it direct from the publishers or on Amazon.

All proceeds will be donated to Blesma, the charity for limbless veterans.