A petition declaring a vote of no confidence in Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner candidate Jonathon Seed over his hunting past has been launched.

The online petition to the Electoral Commission from animal rights organisation Keep the Ban has gained over 11,000 signatures since it began.

Keep the Ban said the purpose of the petition was to educate potential voters and persuade the Conservatives to select another candidate.

Rob Pownall, a spokesman for Keep the Ban, said: "Keep The Ban is leading the campaign to bring Jonathon Seed's history to light and ensuring voters can make an informed decision come election day."

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: PCC Candidate Jonathon Seed petitionPCC Candidate Jonathon Seed petition

The Electoral Commission said the petition is an internal and candidate matter, adding that nominations have not opened for candidates yet and will not be open until March 29.

Mr Seed, who is the Wiltshire councillor for Summerham and Seend, has previously stated that he supports robust policing of all illegal countryside activities, including hunting and hare coursing.

On Twitter, Mr Seed posted: "Just to reiterate, I support firm policing of all illegal activity in the countryside including illegal hunting, illegal hare coursing, violence and illegal interference with lawful activities in the countryside."

The PCC elections are due to take place on Thursday, May 6 this year.