A WILTSHIRE artist has created a Field of Light to commemorate the 100,000 people who have died during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Bruce Munro installed 1,000 LED light stems in the field behind his studio at Long Knoll Barns at Kilmington near Warminster.

Each of the stems represents 100 lives that have been lost to the Covid-19 coronavirus during the health crisis.

Mr Munro, 61, said the art installation was about commemorating the individual spirits of those who have died.

He added: "The feeling of the Field of Light came from a landscape that is all about spirit and optimism.

"For me, this is about individual spirits of the people who have died and left us in these terrible times."

"It's about life, not death. Every stem represents the spirit of hope for a life lost."

One of those who died was Terry Haslam, 70, from Warminster who died on April 8.

His wife, Jan Haslam, said: "We didn't have the chance to say goodbye and this is maybe a way of reaching out and saying goodbye because I do feel he is here."

"I do feel he is close to me," she said during a visit to the Field of Light with her daughter Katie.