RESIDENTS in Bradford on Avon are being urged to comment on proposals to locate 80 new homes on two key greenfield sites.

Town council leader Dom Newton said housing was being earmarked for the former Bradford on Avon Golf Course and two parcels of land at Woolley used for allotments.

They were not among the potential sites noted in the town's Neighbourhood Plan, which was approved by 95 per cent of those who voted in the referendum in 2017.

He and John Potter, chairman of Bradford on Avon Preservation Society, are urging residents to respond to public consultation on the Wiltshire Local Plan Review, in which the housing allocation plans for the town are outlined.

Cllr Newton said: "This is a consultation to gather resident’s view on prospective sites to accommodate a proposed 80 new homes in Bradford on Avon by 2036, as part of meeting Wiltshire’s overall housing requirements.

"The sites noted in the draft plan – the Golf Course, and two parcels of land at Woolley – were not among those noted as area of opportunity in the Neighbourhood Plan which was approved by 95 per cent of those who voted in the referendum in 2017.

"It is not clear to us why, or on what basis, these new sites have been included as areas of potential development."

"Councillors had previously expressed concerns to Wiltshire Council, particularly in relation to the Golf Course given the history of that site.

"The Woolley Allotments site is in use as well-tended allotments. The consultation notes, but does not address, both of these concerns.

"Bradford on Avon does have housing needs, which were identified in the Neighbourhood Plan. It is important that these are met, in the right places and in the right way.

"That means not on greenbelt land or on community green space, or on land which plays a part in the life of the town, such as allotments, or land which poses a potential risk due to its industrial history and proximity to the river which defines our town.

"It also means providing homes which are affordable, good-quality, in developments preferably led by the community, applying the best possible eco-build standards – to help protect the environment and reduce ownership costs. This is achievable, with vision and proper engagement."

The consultations began on the January 16 and continue until March 9. The proposals for Bradford on Avon were discussed at an online event on Monday January 25 evening.

Councillors will discuss their response at an online town council environment and planning committee at 7pm on February 9.

Cllr Newton added: "We will, I'm sure, be encouraging Wiltshire Council to look again at the draft Local Plan, paying close attention to the democratically adopted Neighbourhood Plan and listening to those representatives closest to residents.

"In the meantime, we would encourage residents to submit their views via the Wiltshire Council consultation portal."