A Melksham food wholesaler has weighed in with eight YMCA nurseries in Wiltshire to help children to get food parcels.

Lovejoys provides to school kitchens in the area and has produced around 500 boxes for children getting free school meals. .

Neil Mortimer of Lovejoys said: "Having delivered these boxes it’s clear that the schools have been really grateful to have the food parcels made up and brought to their door.

"The comments from families about the quality and quantity of the products has been really positive."

Julia Honeywell of the YMCA nurseries centred in Trowbridge, Chippenham, Calne, Westbury, Malmesbury and Corsham added:

"Our families were overwhelmed and very thankful.

"Lovejoys have provided two well stocked boxes per each of our families which over exceeded the government limit of £30 per child.

Lovejoys buys the majority of its produce from Bromham and the local area.