Army bomb disposal experts blew up a WW2 mortar shell found near a path at Ogbourne St George golf club.

The shell was found by club manager James Short.

"I was doing a routine check of the course, and had a metal detector to make sure the course was ok," he told the Gazette and Herald.

"I found the shell, but did not know what it was.

"It looked like a bottle, and was only about an inch or so under the surface. So I buried it again, and went home and did some research on the internet about it.

"I called the police, and they turned up really quickly.

"Then two army guys from the bomb disposal team came and exploded it."

He said the mortar shell was likely to have been a left over from when the area to the north of the club house on the Marlborough Downs was used as a practice ground in the Second World War.

It was on the furthest north part of the site away from the club house.

"It gave me quite a shock when they blew it up," said James.

"I think I will proceed with a bit more caution when I next do my rounds."

The club is currently closed due to government restrictions on golf courses due to the coronavirus lockdown