Story teller Brian Quinn has turned his online tales of Wiltshire and Berkshire into a book.

He has published a hard copy of The Penny Post - his web based newsletter.

"I've been writing stories and articles for most of my adult life but it was only in the last few years that working on Penny Post has provided me with a regular outlet for these," he said.

"Reading articles online doesn't suit everyone, however, so during lockdown we thought we'd gather some of these into a book.

"We eventually chose 26, divided into three types. First, there are a number of what might be called tales of personal misadventure and humiliation.

"The second were parodies of other writers including Shakespeare, AA Milne, Hemingway and Hunter S Thompson.

"The third were fiction pure and simple though, like all fiction, often with their roots in some minor incident or chance remark.

"If I had to pick out three as my favourites, they would be The Collector (probably the darkest story of the lot and which was, unlikely though it seems, inspired by hearing a radio interview with David Attenborough); In Which we Discover what Pooh and Piglet do in the Evenings (a bit of backstory about the two main characters in these timeless children's books, which I have always adored); and Meeting Stanley (a tale of a fractured family's train journey from Waterloo to Dorset in the 1950s). "

Further information, including where the book can be purchased, can be seen here: (Note that it can be ordered from any bookshop – see para below).