A previously unheard David Bowie track will be up for auction in Chippenham this week.

A variety of exciting vinyl treasures are listed in the latest auction at the Wessex Auction Rooms, based in Chippenham.

The auction features a few standouts including lot 297, a previously unknown David Bowie song called Run Piper Run.

The unreleased song, from 1967, is on demo acetate and a sound clip can be heard here

The song was recorded in 1967 and the B side of the disc features an unreleased track 'Lay Your Head Upon My Shoulder' by The Move co-founder Ace Kefford.

Meanwhile Lot 298 features more Bowie – this time a song called Silver Tree Top School For Boys, that is considered to be “the great lost Bowie song of the sixties.”

For a sound clip, click here

The two Bowie discs both came from a private seller who had a friend associated with the singer's recording studio. 

In July 2020, an unreleased Bowie demo of I Do Believe I Love You sold at the Wessex Auction Rooms for £18,000.

Martin Hughes, Auctioneer and Music Specialist at the Wessex Auction Rooms explained: “We have sold other previously unheard Bowie songs in the past and it is always really exciting to have a piece of music history in your hands. 

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald:  Silver Tree Top School For Boys Silver Tree Top School For Boys

“What makes this even better is the fact that Run Piper Run is a really really great song, which makes it surprising that it was never released.”

The auction will also feature a wide variety of punk, mod and New Wave private collection of an ex-music industry executive who is also a major punk enthusiast.   

Lot 438 is believed to be the earliest example of a gig poster from The Jam with the ‘appearing at’ blank space and the very early logo. 

A collection of first generation punk singles also features, as well as the only known copy of music from The Tokyo Aqua Ghosts, with a handmade sleeve. 

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: First generation punk vinyl First generation punk vinyl

These tracks were later repackaged as ‘Beyond The Implode - The Last Thoughts EP and are described as "an absolute true holy grail item."

Mr Hughes added:  “Despite most people being aware of ‘punk’ and it’s cultural impact, you have to remember that at the time most of these records were pressed in really small numbers.  Not every punk band saw the level of success that the Sex Pistols or The Clash experienced. 

"Many bands hand made their record sleeves and had their singles pressed on small private press labels. 

"Add to that scarcity the fact that most of these records didn’t survive the parties, gigs, and sharing of songs with friends, it is highly unusual to ever find them in this sort of condition.  Many of these records will never be seen again looking as clean and new as the day they were pressed!”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Martin HughesMartin Hughes

The discs will all head to virtual auction on Friday (January 15) at the Wessex Auction Rooms in Chippenham, at 10.30am.
As well as regular Antiques & Furniture auctions, Wessex Auction Rooms are one of the UK’s leadings specialists in Toy’s, Vinyl Records, Music Memorabilia, and Jewellery.