CALLING Pauline Burbidge - where are you now?

You are being sought by Rachel Withers who has a £50 cheque for you to collect.

The cheque - compensation from a well-known UK high street bank - was sent to Mrs Burbidge's former address in Trowbridge.

Miss Withers, 58, said: "I am staying with my 94-year-old mother during lockdown and opened the envelope in error just before Christmas.

"It is dated December 11 and I opened it more than ten days ago. I would like to find Mrs Burbidge so that I can hand it over to her.

"Clearly, the bank which sent it has not got her current address. I have been told she has moved to Hilperton."

Miss Withers, who normally lives in London, is a reader in Art Writing at the Bath Spa University School of Art, where she has worked since 2015.

If Mrs Burbidge wishes to collect the cheque, she should contact Miss Withers on 07795 625999.