Families in Wiltshire have been sharing photos of what they are calling 'inadequate" and "shameful" school meal hampers.

The Government has promised to investigate.

This is a picture of the contents of a school hamper, said to be worth £30, sent to the Gazette and Herald and Wiltshire Times from one of our readers.

Gareth Humpreys from Amesbury told us:

"This is what was provided for my three children that should have been Three days worth . Its shocking what they expect us to do with that for three kids for three days."

"It was a shock to the system. When the school sent a text saying come collect your food hamper. We was expecting something different to what we received. Which is why after seeing what was provided we wont he collecting any further parcels

"I'd rather let someone with a single child have it that can make a couple of meals from it. "

Another reader, Tracy Purches told us:

"The food box I got for my four kids was awful. Bread, beans, three apples. Three bananas, one carrot, three mini bags of raisins, two small bags of cheese, three tins of soup and half a dozen very small potatoes.

"Thats for four children, I have a dairy allergy and another has a dairy and wheat allergy. I couldn't believe how awful it was considering how amazing they were during the first lockdown."

Colin Terry told us:

"Last time the kids had the vouchers my kids school decided they wouldn’t give vouchers out they would give these boxes. The food was that bad there was one loaf of bread that was out of date in a day that happened several times.

" The fruit was that bruised it lasted no more couple of days and several times over the seven week period the yoghurts was out of date and the better what is the cheapest saltiest butter is on the market so we we we have refused on that basis into the vouchers come out even though we can’t afford not to take it it’s just not worth it.

"The Mrs is shielding as well so very dubious about people touching food we are eating makes us angry they are telling us we have to take it."

Wiltshire Council has been approached for comment.