Lockdown has seen litter bugs out in force across Wiltshire.

But the county's quiet army of litter pickers is still going about it's business.

Nancy Strickland, pictured, was doing some seasonal hedge clearing when we spotted her.

She says she and her two children regularly find rubbish thrown from cars or blown in from nearby Stanley Park.

"It is a busy road, and people seem to just throw stuff out of their windows," she said.

"We seem to be in the right place for people to throw MacDonald's wrappers out, and all sorts of other things too.We even found a bicycle seat - which beggars belief really!"

Group litter picking walks are currently not in line with government guidelines, according to Keep Britain Tidy.

"We are asking all our volunteers to pause any organised litter picking events until further notice. Should you choose to pick up litter on your daily exercise, please ensure you do so safely."