A secret cider drinker is hurling empty cans out of their car.

Villagers in Stowell, Wilcot and Oare say they are getting increasingly frustrated by the littering boozer, and have asked whoever it is to stop and clear it up themselves.

The matter will be on the agenda of Wilton and Huish parish council this Thursday.

Residents have also reported booze litterers in Woodborough and East Kennett, where cans, as well as minatures of spirits and wine have been found at road junctions.

But the Scrumpy Jack tippler has been canning it for years, said one villager who did not want to be named.

"It would be no exaggeration to say that hundreds, if not thousands, of this specific Scrumpy Jack brand have been chucked out into a very small and particular route.

"It is obviously someone who is commuting to and fro from work, who does this on a daily basis and is possibly local to the area."

It has been reported to Wiltshire Council and the Police.

Teams of volunteers have been collecting the litter over the years and say they are utterly shocked at how anyone could intentionally do this, and on such a large scale.

"Perhaps whoever is doing this might see this article and be inclined to dispose of their rubbish in an appropriate bin or recycling unit, or someone might know or have seen who it is and ask that they stop."