GARDENING contract worker David Pomfrey has died a week after a deer ran into the road as he was riding home to Pewsey on his moped.

Mr Pomfrey, 61, died at his home in Broadfields on November 24.

A post mortem revealed he had suffered a ruptured spleen.

An inquest has been opened by the Wiltshire Coroner David Masters and adjourned.

St Mary Magdalene Church at Woodborough where he was brought up was packed for his funeral service on Tuesday.

He was employed by DL Stevens and his boss Dennis Goddard said: "He was the most reliable worker you could hope for."

Mr Goddard worked with Mr Pomfrey for 35 years and said: "He would help anybody, he was dependable and never took a day off."

Mr Pomfrey turned up for work as usual on the Monday less than 36 hours after his accident although he had bruising and a black eye.

Mr Goddard said: "He never gave any indication that he was in pain.

"I told him to take the week off to get over it but he wouldn't and he carried on working right through the week."

Mr Pomfrey was one of three brothers and the oldest, George, died in July.

Youngest brother Richard who lives in Devizes said David had spent the evening with him and was riding home towards Pewsey when a deer ran out into the road.

"He was on his moped and this deer ran across the road and caused the accident," said Richard Pomfrey.

"The ambulance was called but he would not go to hospital.

"The ambulance crew checked him over but said nothing was broken and they brought him to my home in Devizes where he stayed the night."

The brother said: "He had a black eye and a cut on his nose but said that apart from feeling stiff he was OK."

Mr Pomfrey returned to work on the Monday and put in a full week before dying the following Saturday at his home in Pewsey.

Thee deer that caused the accident suffered two broken legs and had to be put down.

Mr Pomfrey was a bachelor and his interests included following the Tedworth Hunt.

He is survived by his brother and three nephews.