Calne's Mayor has offered words of calm reassurance to the people of the town.

"Lockdown 3 seems to be the hardest to take in," he said.

"As we now head to year of uncertainty and disruption it is going to be difficult on people having to home school.

"Businesses are again having to close and they do not know when they will reopen.

"However, with all of this I know the community of Calne will again come together to help and support each other. We know that this has to happen, we have to do this last leg to help the NHS and all key worker deliver much needed care.

"What I would say is that we can look forward to when the flowers open, the weather gets warmer and we are all vaccinated. Then we can met, hug and socialise again look forward to holidays and spending time with our families. So it maybe a very hard couple of months, but every day we keep each safe is a day closer to recovery and to a brighter 2021."