THE boss of an animal haven has hit back at animal rights activists who he says have put out a "misleading" video.

The activists made their film at the Swindon and District Animal Haven in Wootton Bassett, and described it as a "filthy, cramped hellhole".

But owner John Warwick says the video is "cobblers".

"This video doesn't paint a good picture," he said. "But that is the way it has been edited.

"We do nothing but care for animals here."

The RSPCA was called in and issued Mr Warwick with a caution, but did not take further action.

The footage was filmed in November and apparently shows cows and pigs kept out in the cold, a dog kept in a kennel where there was urine on the floor, geese kept in wire cages and cats kept in cages in a caravan.

During the video it is also claimed animals go without adequate food and water.

After being handed the footage the RSPCA investigated the Wootton Bassett sanctuary and has said it is not taking legal action.

But inspectors have given Mr Warwick a verbal warning and advice on the conditions.

Gloucestershire Animal Action and the Western Animal Rights Network made the film after a volunteer raised concerns.

In a statement the groups describe conditions at the animal haven as filthy and cramped.

They called for members of the public to join their campaign to have the sanctuary closed down permanently and allow activists to remove and re-home the animals currently being kept there.

Mr Warwick said: "We are messy here. We know we are.