HEAVY rain has flooded parts of Malmesbury.

The river is still high and fast flowing.

But the Environment Agency flood warning for Malmesbury and the Upper Avon area has been rescinded and is no longer in force.

The agency had said that flooding was expected on the upper reaches of the River Avon from Chippenham to Melksham – and urged people to move pets and cars to safety and turn off gas, electricity and water.

“River levels have risen at the Great Somerford river gauge as a result of heavy rainfall,” the Environment Agency said.

“Consequently, flooding of property is imminent. Areas most at risk are properties at Reybridge [near Lacock].

However, residents suffered only minor disruptions and avoided a repeat of the devastation that hit the town in 2012.

It comes after more than 70 properties were flooded in Cirencester on Christmas Day when an electricity substation flooded.

Residents have spent the last few days trying to clear up but fear more water is to come because of the delay.

Councils have been trying to get sandbags to those affected.

In Bradford-on-Avon flood barriers were being set up by the Environment Agency as water levels were expected to rise overnight.

Volunteers have been out helping to warn residents and keep them up to date with information.

Meteorologists are warning that snow and ice could also pose a risk to southern areas of England.

They issued a yellow weather warning for Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and some areas of Somerset warning there could be some disruption to travel and utilities.

With temperatures set to drop, Wiltshire Council has activated its Severe Weather Emergency Provisions for rough sleepers.

For the next few nights anyone without a bed will be offered overnight accommodation.

"The council has a statutory duty to trigger SWEP for anyone who is sleeping rough when the weather is predicted to fall to zero degrees or below for three consecutive nights,” it said.

"All rough sleepers known to Wiltshire Council have already had an offer of accommodation previously and are reminded again that this help remains available."