A BRADFORD on Avon marketing consultant claims she has suffered abuse from drivers after refusing to use the new cycle lane to Winsley because it’s too dangerous.

Caroline Tassell said drivers have sounded their horns, sworn and shouted as well as making obscene gestures at her while cycling along the B3108 Winsley Road.

Mrs Tassell, 47, who lives in Bradford on Avon, frequently cycles along the road to work in Bath and for leisure purposes.

She said: “To the people who insist on beeping their horns and shouting abuse at me as I cycle from Bradford on Avon to Winsley, I am continuing to use the road as the new ‘cycle lane’ isn’t safe.

“The irony is that the cycle lane has made me feel more in danger.

“There is no easy way to access it in Bradford on Avon or exit it in Winsley without crossing the road.

“It is too narrow so if you meet a cyclist coming the other way there is no easy way of passing each other.

“It is also currently full of leaves which are slippery and make it impossible to see the potholes. No amount of abuse is going to change that.”

Mrs Tassell says she has been sworn at, shouted out and had drivers making obscene gestures because they are unable to easily overtake her on the now-narrower road.

She says she even had to report a bus driver to First Bus after he swore at her because she had refused to move over.

The cycle lane and plastic bollards was installed by Wiltshire Council using government funding to improve social distancing. It stretches from the Winsley Road roundabout to the Downs View junction.