Here are some of the comments you have made about our stories on our social media channels.

Commenting on the story about Wiltshire Council getting over £600,000 for round two of a cycle scheme:

Stuart Seear: That is the most pointless, unsightly and ridiculous waste of public funds I’ve seen. As a cyclist I’d say it’s unnecessary and as a motorist I’d say it’s dangerous as it’s forced oncoming traffic closer together. And it’s made conditions much worse for anyone wishing to cycle in the opposite direction! Madness.

Cathy Allgood: I totally agree. We’ve managed all these years and now some clowns have decided to do this. So, so dangerous.

Steve Green: Glad these are being set up. the crazy motorists seem to give little respect to other road users.

Jason Bartlett: Why on earth does it cost so much money to paint a white line down a road. Another case of overcharging for public projects.

Chloe April Isaac: They’re installing unnecessary bollards rather than just painting the lanes. If they’re going to do lanes, painting them would be more cost effective but the council seem determined to do everything the most expensive way possible.

Debra Hanham: Surely the council should have to put ideas past the residents first!! Complete waste of money.

Dean Parsons: Utter utter waste of public money, that is so desperately needed for other worthy causes such as mental health!

Matt Pow: I’ve never seen a cyclist use a cycle lane ever.

Rob Geering: Absolute waste of taxpayers' money. Some of the posts on Hilperton Road by the fire station have been knocked down already, can someone in a lorry knock them all down please? The cycle lane coming out of Bradford on Avon towards Winsley make the road too narrow and makes it dangerous especially if a HGV comes in other direction.

Marilyn Dickens: These cycle lanes cause more pollution in cars having to stop and start behind arrogant cyclists who cycle two a breast.

Leila Joanne Cooke: more money wasted - how about sorting the pot holes out first?

Darius Mehta: The Winsley Road scheme is not being used by cyclists and makes the road narrower and more dangerous. Every time I pass through cyclists are using the road not the marked off track! Complete waste of money and dangerous!

Jo Walton: Waste of money, I know it’s dodgy as a cyclist but this will cause more car accidents as it forces cars closer.. what happens if you get two buses come along at once in opposite directions?.. madness.

Jess Alex Gale: And today a cyclist was still cycling on the road rather than in the cycle lane.

Fanny Gorman: Yep, I commute this road every day and I see cyclists going on the other side causing even more trouble for traffic! I’ve also seen lorries and buses come to a halt trying to pass. I hardly ever see cyclists using the lane yet we all have to negotiate the ridiculous layout!

Adrian Isaac: Jess Alex Gale, yes or they (adults) cycle on the footpaths instead, which I’ve seen many times along this stretch. I’ve walked along there and had to bar a cyclist trying to run me over!

Andrea Langston: Absolute waste of money.

Julie Ann Osborne: Disgusting waste of money.

Ray Chiu: Absolute joke! £600k would be better used fixing the potholes so that bikes and cars can use the roads safely! Typical council/government wasting tax payers money again!

Clare Clifford: I think this is a very dangerous idea. How many accidents have they already caused?

Eileen Allsworth: Dangerous and waste of money.

Fanny Gorman: Take the bloody bollards down!! They are awful and dangerous to everyone!! I hate commuting this bit of BoA but I have no choice. I’ve seen cyclists on the lane about twice since it was introduced, I’ve seen buses and trucks mount the curb and the grass to get past each other, churning it up, I’ve seen other lorries pull in between the bollards to try and let other lorries past! But the worst is cyclists ignoring the lane and cycling on the road holding everyone up! What is the point??? Some days it’s chaos!

Martin Cain: Pure stupidity.

On our story that the call for volunteers to help save Wiltshire Armed Forces and Veterans Celebration event ends in failure, you said:

Jason Bartlett: This is not a failure on volunteers but on TTC. How can they expect people to run something like this on a voluntary basis, this event is a huge deal for the town and its business and as such it should be taken on fully by TTC.

Wayne Edwards: The WAFVC is a massive event. For the town council to expect volunteers to constantly organise such an event is ridiculous. This merely demonstrates how deluded and ‘out of touch’ they actually are. If they want to hold the event that badly, they need to pay someone to head it up.

Sophy Whyley: This is ridiculous, we are the County Town of Wiltshire! Because of the amount of people this attracts to the town centre over the two day period, I cannot believe that not one person on the council could take this on as a priority. Not only is this awful for the cause itself, and all the Veterans, Serving Soldiers and supporters of the Armed Forces within the County, but a sad decision for all of the businesses within the town.

Adam Cooksey: People within Wiltshire Council are employed in roles such as military civilian integration, why are they not being drafted in to support this, given how much money it brings into the town! Ridiculous.

We ran a story that said rats have been ‘breeding like crazy’ during lockdown, and you said:

Lorraine Penelhum: I’ve had to block off the cat flap after the cat brought me 2/3 live mice every day. Now I just pick up dead ones in the garden, seven of them last week! The mild weather, and so much litter and food waste, isn’t helping.

Sarah Trim: Tell me about it, we have a rat run going through the gardens, started off behind the shed now got closer to the back door. I’ve blocked up the runs and the little sods have dug another hole. I’ve rang council and its going to cost me over £100. I can’t afford that as low income and shielding.

On the news that Covid-19 has hit 51 schools and 4,135 students, including the Clarendon Academy in Trowbridge, you said:

Lorraine Penelhum: It isn’t ‘in’ school that’s causing an issue, it’s outside, stand outside any school in the morning, or afternoon and watch the kids, all hugging each other, messing about, cuddling, kissing, huddled in groups, whispering to each other, and not a mask in sight, let alone keeping any distance, then of course they go home, and spread it there too. I don’t know the answer to that one, but school is safe, just outside those school gates on a daily basis, it’s a breeding ground for Covid.

Jason Bartlett: But what is the best way to deal with it. If you close the schools you get people moaning about kids not getting a fair chance in education and falling behind. If you leave them open you run the risk of some being sent home due to Covid. When they were closed last time parents complained they couldn’t look after them and go to work. A rock and a hard place comes to mind.

Martin Haines: Maybe parents should start bringing them in to school just like we do at infant and primary schools now where all parents need to wear masks and you all now stand in orderly line keeping your spacing standing with your works.

Vicky Griffiths: It’s what kids and families do outside of school and work is when they catch it, it’s less likely caught/spread in school as there’s systems in place. If schools closed again parents couldn’t work and kids would be out and about more.

Beverley Grant: Schools should not be open, they are just spreading the virus.

Your feelings about Wiltshire being placed in Tier 2 when coronavirus lockdown ends included:

Mark Newman: It’s about time we all opened our eyes to Covid-19, it’s not going away until we all do what we are asked to do. Christmas is a time for families but let’s just stop and think of all the families that have lost loves from this most terrible viruses.

Stuart Seear: Tier 2 for total confirmed cases of just 0.47 per cent of the county’s population for the entire “pandemic” so far. Ridiculous.

Brian Pratt: Aren’t we as the general public being blindsided here? The way this lockdown and now tier system is being introduced is just made overtly complicated. So that when another lockdown is introduced in 2021 the government can lay the blame directly at the feet of us all. Therefore pitting us all against ourselves rather than taking a step back and thinking this through?

Dean Parsons: Utter rubbish, no sense in any of the three tier scenario. Just the government trying mask having 97 per cent of the population essentially still on lockdown for the foreseeable future. Only two small islands and Cornwall on Tier 1. Might as well not bothered!

Vicky Griffiths: Cases are increasing locally as people are not following the rules, if they don’t like this maybe try listening and do as they are asked.

After we reported that a second Trowbridge pensioner has come forward to complain that she is being hounded by TV Licensing having paid for a television licence, you said:.

Cathy Allgood: Why not write back instead of telephone? You never know, they may do something about it. I’m absolutely disgusted that us pensioners have to pay at all though.

Jess Cook: And me. I have receipts from Paypoint for £157.50 and I keep getting letters through. I’ve tried phoning them but always get the automated message that says they are unable to answer. It’s very frustrating.

Dave Hedges: We have paid £81.50 towards our £75 pound licence as SSI registered and they say we’re in arrears of next year’s licence.