A beautiful painting of Wadworth Brewery shrouded in snow, completed ten years ago, has enjoyed a new round of attention.

Artist Patricia Thuysbaert painted the scene when she lived in the village of Broad Hinton, near to Swindon.

At one stage, Wadworth were so interested in her piece that they considered using it in their winter advertising imagery.

This never came to be, and instead the artwork was all but forgotten for the following the years.

However this year it has been shared across social media, and allowed for many a past and present Devizes resident to recognise a memorable snowy scene.

Mrs Thuysbaert said: "We left Broad Hinton six years ago and moved to Cornwall, but the Wiltshire countryside really is special to paint. I did the Wadworth painting years ago, but it really has taken off on the internet this year.

"I joined a few art societies online and shared the painting, and one lady said it took her back to her childhood. That was really nice to hear."

While Mrs Thuysbaert now lives in Cornwall, she has never forgotten her previous home in Wiltshire, and has also created a series of Wiltshire-themed Christmas cards.

Locations such as Marlborough and Malmesbury, Salisbury and Stonehenge and other notable town centres from across the county are all available to buy this December.

She said: "Wiltshire's countryside is really beautiful. My dog Mia, who died two years ago, features in every piece if you look out for her, as well as various other characters."

You can also buy the designs as coasters. Search Pat Thuysbaert on Facebook to purchase a set.