Exciting plans are in place for circus, dance, music and arts workshops in Wiltshire.

Bassline Circus have pencilled in Devizes as a new base to operate a variety of exciting projects from.

The company, before the pandemic, would typically put on shows across the UK and has worked with schools in Bristol, London and Hampshire to carry out workshops.

The popular London based circus artist Lj Marles even had his introduction to circus through Bassline Circus.

The company now plan to launch in Wiltshire and offer workshops to people who may have been suffering from loneliness or isolation throughout the pandemic, and improve their wellbeing.

People of all ages and abilities will be encouraged to take part.

The aim is for a two-year series of workshops, but there are hopes that that could extend with the right level of funding.

Amy Tavner, company director of Bassline Circus, said: "We've worked with schools in London, Bristol and Hampshire and are now incredibly excited to come to Wiltshire.

"We want everyone to feel welcome and have pledged to deliver creative workshops for the next two years, or longer.

"It is really exciting. The workshops will benefit people across the county and we will be based in Devizes - we are working on potential venues. We'll see what comes up and hold steering groups.

"The feedback we have had from other workshops has been so positive, people say they really make difference. We feel really god about Devizes, it's a great community and I can't wait to work with people there."

Bassline Circus have made a pledge with the Wiltshire Centre for Independent Living to host the workshops to help bring communities together. The Devizes Area Board have also committed £1869 towards the project.

Bassline Circus was started in 2001 by a group of creative friends who were all "really into" the arts and hosting creative events.

Ms Tavner added: "About 10 of us were sat around a table in France, and thought why don’t we make this more legitimate and reach more people? Next thing we knew, we had a Big Top and were bringing it over to England.

"Since then hosted events across the UK and really have focussed on a number of community outreach projects in rest of England

"It's a great team and really fulfilling work."

To find out more about Bassline Circus visit https://www.basslinecircus.com/