Avon Needs Trees (ANT) is looking for volunteers to help them plan, plant and maintain an orchard of 50 fruit and nut trees at Hazeland, near Calne.

ANT bought the 34 acres last summer and is now preparing to plant almost 10,000 woodland trees – plus a small community orchard to benefit visitors to the site.

“We know the orchard is going to need extra special care,” said Nikki Jones, Chair of Avon Needs Trees. “We’d like to hear from local people who either already have experience, or who would like to learn about how to care for an orchard.

“We’re also interested in hearing from the community about varieties they would like to see grown. Information on local, heritage trees would be particularly useful.”

Avon Needs Trees is interested in hearing from all sections of the local community. Orchard work days will be planned for weekends and weekdays, to accommodate volunteers with different commitments.

Email orchard@avonneedstrees.org.uk for more