PLANNING officers at Wiltshire Council have decided on the following applications recently.

Chippenham: A bid put in by Steve Sander of Barn Owl Road has been given the green light by Wiltshire Council.

The approval will see Mr Sander demolish the existing buildings at 22 Charter Road and build a new double garage in their place.

Great Somerford: Outline plans for nine houses on land next to Dauntsey Road have received planning approval.

The bid has been objected to by the parish council and six neighbouring residents on the grounds of highway safety, flooding, drainage and the overdevelopment on green land.

A bid for sites' the reserved matters should now be submitted in the next two-years.

Lyneham: Planning permission was denied to Mr Stewart of Prospect Cottage, 79 The Green to build two three-bedroom houses on his land.

In the planning documents, Mr Stewart’s agents, Willis & Co wrote that although the development sits outside of the Lyneham boundary, it was adjacent to it.

Adding that previously, a house on the same plot was approved and sold and that the council had agreed the land was suitable for housing.

However, the case officer for the proposed houses would, by their form, layout, scale and design, create a cramped development and would be in keeping with the character of the area.

Calne: Planning permission was given for a couple to build an extension and convert the garage at their Oxford Road home.

The greenlit bid by Mr and Mrs Horne will see them adding a two-storey extension to the rear of their property and converting the garage into a dining room.

In their report, the case officer highlighted concerns over parking during the build and the impact on neighbours' visibility.

Regarding this, the officer wrote: "While the garage will be converted, there will be sufficient parking provision to satisfy the requirements for a four-bedroom plus house of three parking spaces, in a manner in keeping with the immediate area.

"It is considered that the parking is acceptable."

Corston: Sean Outlaw of Mount Pleasant sought planning permission to extend his three-storey, semi-detached home on Mill Lane.

Despite concerns over of the wall of the rear extension potentially joining onto a neighbouring property.

The submitted plans confirmed that the joining of the properties would be by the roof only and not the wall.

The case officer reported that the occupier was given the certificate and notice, but did not comment on the plans. The bid has since been approved.

Devizes: The old Royal Oak pub in New Park Street will become flats after a listed building bid by David Webb was given the go-ahead.

The former Royal Oak Public House, which is a Grade II listed building and now being used as an antique shop will be transformed into six flats.

The case officer noted that the upper floors of the building had already been residentially used. They said it was likely that the publican more than likely lived about the pub itself.

Warminster: Plans to build a single-storey standalone building at Avenue Primary School and Children’s Centre to be used as a classroom, have been approved.

According to the planning documents, the building will be made up of a classroom for 10 pupils and three staff, as well as a wet play area, quiet room, toilet and changing room, lobby and plant room.

Southwick: A bid by Mr York of Hoggington Farm to rebuild agricultural stables, stys and animal pens on land near Three Pieces, to become a two-bedroom holiday cabin, has been rejected.

In their report, the planning officer said that because of the proposed cabin’s residential appearance in the open countryside, that it would be harmful to the landscape and would ‘fail to make a positive contribution to the character of Wiltshire’.

Bradford on Avon: Sam Clark of 30 Fitzmaurice Close has been granted planning permission to build a single-storey side extension, front porch and detached double garage at his property.

In a letter of representation, neighbours, stated that should the skylight on the proposed garage could compromise their privacy. However, revised drawings were issued which did not include these roof lights.