More than 450 injuries at work were reported in Wiltshire last year, figures show.

The Trades Union Congress says a drop in reports nationally is the result of funding cuts and lack of awareness of the duty to report injuries.

In 2019/20, the Health and Safety Executive was notified of 473 non-fatal incidents in the area – 53 fewer than in the previous year. There were no fatal injuries.

Of the injuries, which workplaces must report by law, 146 were specified – these include incidents such as serious burns, amputations, loss of sight and fractures other than to fingers and toes.

A further 327 resulted in an employee or self-employed person being unable to perform their normal duties for more than seven consecutive days.

The figures mean 251 Wiltshire workers per 100,000 were injured at work last year, higher than the South West's average rate of 236.

Across England, 55,746 injuries at work were reported to the HSE – 4,166 fewer than the previous year.