Wiltshire’s public health boss says she is cautious as England comes out of lockdown on Wednesday (December 2).

As the county exits lockdown, Kate Blackburn, director for public health in Wiltshire said she is waiting for more details about which tier the county will fall into.

Adding that without clarification on the triggers and thresholds for each tier it would be difficult to say where Wiltshire could be.

“Tier two talks about being for areas with rapidly rising level of infections, ours isn’t rapidly rising but it is higher than when we were in tier one previously,” she said.

“Until we have clarity around those things I think it’s really difficult to say with any level of certainty where we would be. I think I would be erring on the side of caution.”

Prior to lockdown Wiltshire Council were preparing for the county to move up in the tier system.

“The Prime Minister clearly emphasised that more regions will find themselves in tier two.

“We await with interest as to where Wiltshire will be placed in that and certainly in terms of what geographical areas will be put together,” she said.

Details on Wiltshire’s standing will be made available Thursday, it is expected.