Wiltshire Council is working to make sure libraries, leisure centres and registration offices are up and running from next week.

Leader of the council, Philip Whitehead said the local authority’s top priority will remain supporting residents and businesses throughout the pandemic. Adding he wants the county to come out of lockdown as strong as possible.

It is expected that Wiltshire will find out what Covid tier it is in on Thursday.

Cllr Whitehead said: “Our teams are working hard to ensure that our services which were in place prior to the national restrictions being brought in, such as libraries, leisure centres and registrations, are back up and running from next week.

“Despite the national restrictions drawing to a conclusion, we ask that people continue to be vigilant and follow the regulations that are in place.

“We can’t get complacent and need to continue to wash hands, socially distance when we go out, wear a mask where appropriate and self-isolate when required.

“If we keep playing our part and supporting one another, then we stand the best possible chance of keeping each other safe.”