Pubs, shops. libraries and leisure centres are all on tenterhooks awaiting the announcement of what tier Wiltshire will fall into.

Boris Johnson is due to announce which areas are in what tier today (Thursday).

Devizes couple Dave Wright and Debbie Barnet run the Southgate Inn on Potterne Rd.

Their three-year-lease on the ownership runs out in March – and the couple are unsure if they will even be able to serve pints until then.

“If we’re in tier 1 then it will be just like before and we can take advantage of the having that extra hour after 10pm for people to enjoy their drinks,” said Debbie.

“But I’ve heard the possibility that we might be put in tier 2, which would be a big problem for us as we don’t have a suitable kitchen to make food from.

“We’re scratching our heads on if we’d be able to stay open.”

She added: “It’s a really difficult time, and will be so much harder if we are in tier 2.”

Dylan Worthington runs a personal training business, Studio-10 Fitness & Wellness based in Devizes, with a handful of studios for small sessions.

While the easing of lockdown is “good news” for staff – he is still wary of what the future will hold.

He said: “It’s not been a good time for us and there still is that degree of uncertainty.

“We’ve still been doing outdoor training when we can and are delighted we will soon be able to open. Gyms and places like us have spent so much money making space covid secure, so it was really difficult to have to close again.

“I hope for certainty moving forward and hopefully we can remain open for a substantial amount of time this time. Gyms and studios are hugely important to improving mental health as well as maintaining our physical health and boosting the immune system.

“In the fight against covid, we are part of the solution not the problem.”

Cllr Philip Whitehead, Leader of Wiltshire Council, said: “Despite the national restrictions drawing to a conclusion, we ask that people continue to be vigilant and follow the regulations that are in place. We can’t get complacent.

“If we keep playing our part and supporting one another, then we stand the best possible chance of keeping each other safe.”