Devizes’s CCTV camera operator has said the town needs more coverage to help prevent crime.

Noel Woolrych oversees the work of the vast network of surveillance cameras that keep a watchful eye over the streets of the town centre.

After a crime spree on Halloween that left six businesses with smashed windows, Mr Woolrych trawled footage after he was called by the police, who later arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with the cimr.

He said: “I spent about 20 hours going through footage and to sort out the path of the suspect. It is an incredibly difficult process as your don’t know where to begin from. The key is to look at the damage and work all the way backwards from there. it is starting that is incredibly different as you don’t know where to begin from.

“Sadly the cameras didn’t have clear views of two of the shops which also didn’t help.”

While Devizes’s CCTV coverage was crucial in aiding police investigations, Mr Woolrych has admitted the town does need more coverage to combat a rise in crime.

The network of cameras is financed by the Devizes Development Partnership, Devizes Town Council, grants from the Devizes Area Board and contributions from various businesses in the town.

A major fundraiser planned for this year was cancelled due to the pandemic, and it had been hoped it would have raised around £10,000 for improving the town’s CCTV.

Mr Woolrych said: “We do need more cameras to help cover more of the town and address these gaps which are always a concern.

“As the nature of technology changes we also make modifications and upgrades wherever we can when funds allow. It really is a community asset and has a lot of interest from locals, especially after incidents like this Halloween vandalism. I would like to encourage more to get involved and contribute if they haven't already as this benefits everyone.”