A DANGEROUS driver who stole his mum’s car was warned he faced jail time.

Kane Hall, 31, was given a suspended sentence at in May for a high-speed chase through Chippenham.

He was given extra curfew time last month after breaching his court order.

Hall was back before Swindon Crown Court on Monday morning after he failed to attend a thinking skills session and unpaid work appointment.

Andrew Stone, for the probation service, said the speeder had now produced a sick note and asked the judge to consider replacing the 250 hours of unpaid work ordered with a curfew.

Judge Jason Taylor QC refused, questioning why the probation service had recommended unpaid work in the summer when Hall was originally sentenced.

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Adjourning the matter so he could hire a lawyer, Judge Taylor QC told Hall: “You are at very real risk of going to prison. You were lucky not to go to prison back in May.

“Just to produce a note from a doctor saying because of a number of issues he’s unfit for work doesn’t cut the mustard, I’m afraid.

“You need to get representation and you need to understand my position at the moment is you will be going to prison.

“It’s as simple as that. If you find you can comply with the order maybe things will change, but you need to find someone to represent you.”