Here are some of the views from our readers on our Facebook page to some of the top stories we've published recently.

Our story about local MP Dr Andrew Murrison calling for independent review of the National Trust appears to have dominated your comments this week.

Ian Cunningham: For a start the name "National" is a description of what it does - not anything that we control. It's a private charity run by its members. Nothing to do with parliament. If it annoys someone who voted to recently break a treaty on which the ink was barely dry [and on which he stood for election], to not feed poor children in the midst of a crisis and who apparently has few concerns about millions wasted on useless PPE going to party cronies without proper scrutiny, then I would suggest that the NT are probably getting it about right.

Phil Rendle: I'd rather have a review of why he doesn't ever see fit to respond to constituents who want him to explain why he votes as he does.

Steve Law: Phil Rendle, I know the answer to your question. It is that he is a Conservative MP and votes in line with the party whip. So he votes with the government. Surprisingly Labour MPs vote in line with the Labour whip. As do all other parties voting in accordance with their party whips. It is the reality of an 80-seat government majority as a result of the 2019 election. Many of the votes are to deliver on the Tory 2019 manifesto which is what they were elected to do.

Phil Rendle: Steve Law, what he votes for are nasty Tory policies like against school meals for kids as an example. As one of his constituents, I would like to know why as he's not voting in my name for policies like that. He's sadly one that votes for his political ambition rather than his conscience.

Gary Moore: Steve Law, incorrect. An MP is able to vote against the party. Hence why five Tory MP's defied the party whip when it came to the motion put forward by Labour to extend free school meals. Also, many of the Bills that have passed through Parliament have been Covid-related, so therefore the 2019 manifesto is irrelevant.

Graham Busson: I don't understand how telling the history of their buildings is political? If he is suggesting that he and his party are the only ones allowed to choose what history we are taught then he is drifting dangerously close to fascism. There is nothing "leftie" in pointing out that the proceeds of the Empire which paid for these homes wasn't necessarily all from good sources.

Jo Hopkinson: Well done Dr Murrison. They should be held accountable for decisions being made, with measures put in place there was no need for many sites to of closed this year. Living very close to Stourhead, it’s popularity continues to soar so absolutely no reason for some of the decisions which are being made.

Jim Cook: If a place was built with slave trade money the NT should say so, in order to accurately portray history

Rich Smith: Dr Murrison and the right are attacking the National Trust for caring about history and education. Accusations of cultural Marxism and being part of the "woke" agenda. This is an excuse for the right to peddle a fantasy version of our history. Perhaps Murrison should look to the increasing pile of policy failings of his Government instead?

Graham Busson: Rich Smith for a doctor he isn't very bright.

Rich Smith: Graham Busson, I agree with you there. He is also completely out of touch and so very smug about it.

Graham Busson: Rich Smith well it's not like he's going to lose his seat is it? Normally safe seats go to cabinet ministers but he's so poor the best he can do is trade envoy for Morocco!

Rich Smith: What the hell did Morocco do to deserve him?!

Donna Hall: Pretty sure there's other more pressing things to be focused on to be honest!!!!!!!!

Barbara Taylor: Donna Hall, it’s probably something that affects him unlike school meals which he doesn’t care about.

Donna Hall: Barbara Taylor, yes, exactly.

Gary Moore: “The National Trust should be a politics-free space, a great mediating institution, not an organ for promulgating a particular world view.” Hilarious. The National Trust are merely detailing this nation's history. Tories seem to get so upset about the real history of this nation. Perhaps it's because we'll all realise some of their ancestral links to slave owners.

Extra Bank Holiday announced

Stuart Seear: That’s nice, happy birthday and all that but they obviously don’t realise that not everyone gets paid time off for bank holidays and that making a four-day public holiday will cost many people 4 days lost pay

Charlotte Howard: Stuart Seear, most of us self-employed either enjoy the break if we can afford it or work through it.

Stuart Seear: Charlotte Howard, I’m self employed, but my clients shut up shop on bank holidays, so I can’t work through even if I want to.

Charlotte Howard: Stuart Seear, what do you do? I'm a garden designer, was a gardener, so I'm used to losing vast swathes of work due to weather!

Stuart Seear: Charlotte Howard, aircraft engineering, not a great time to be a freelance! I’ve been very lucky but most of my friends and colleagues haven’t worked since the first lockdown started, and no sign of it getting better anytime soon.

Charlotte Howard: I'm so thankful that horticulture is doing well, so many of my friends in the arts, service and beauty industry are really struggling. I think the Jubilee will be a much-needed boost. I remember how joyful 2012 was, once we all stopped moaning!

Vera Romain Gulliford: She will live to be a hundred, she well looked after.

Dawns Poppy Run to support war veterans

Heidi Trowers: Well done Dawn, you should be very proud of yourself.

Tiffany Jody Harrison: Well done dawn ... amazing.

Helen Chandler: was Smith, well done.

Mandy Webb: Well done Dawn.

Ann Stokes: Well done Dawn

Adrian Brimble: Well done Dawn.

Adrian Brimble: Mandy Webb, look now I know why she was in Bradford on Avon.

Stacy M Hempsall: Well done hun.

Lis Bell: Well done.

Wendy Comley: Well done.

Michael Owen: Well done.

Three taken to court for failure to pay spring lockdown fines in Wiltshire

Susan Smith: These people need to look into Common law in order to fight their cases. How ridiculous to be fined and taken to court for not having a good reason to leave your home!! We are becoming a police state people!

Carly Tanner: Susan Smith, people need to open their eyes!! Our government are here to govern! They are a public servant to the people just like the Police!!

Greg Dodds: Carly Tanner, absolutely.

Mark Conibere: Whilst I do fundamentally agree if a law is broken, and there is a law covering that covers those indiscretions, the all parties should be prosecuted, as the legislation / law should be and is equal to all us.

Mark Conibere: How come Courts are open yet most businesses on the High Street are closed.. Is this another double standard... The Constabulary and CPS along with the Courts should also be punished?? Social Distancing in the Courts of this Country is impossible?Nathan Livings: But yet MPs that flout the laws are free from public prosecution yes? Double standards. You are public servant's not brown coats. We have basic human rights and these so called laws are in direct. contravention of them.

Carly Tanner: Nathan Livings, that’s the thing people don’t realise! They are not laws they are legislations people need to stand their grounds!! Stop being blinded by fear.

Stephen Guckel: Nathan Livings, what rights do you have?

Leo Palmer: Carly Tanner, legislation is law.Leo Palmer.

Nathan Livings: the most basic human right, is the right to life, these laws protect that.

Carly Tanner: Leo Palmer, legislation is “in the process of becoming law” I think you’ll find.

Carly Tanner: Leo Palmer,yes, I’m sure they do..

Leo Palmer: Carly Tanner, legislation is not just the process, it is also the enacted law.The restrictions are covered under the Coronavirus act 2020, which received royal ascent on March 25th.Most law isn't made by acts of Parliament, but by deligated legislation, like statutory instruments.

Leo Palmer: Carly Tanner, completely irrelevant to the conversation. When you have a law degree, I'll be happy to discuss it again with you. Have a nice life.

Carly Tanner: That was just an example of “NOT” having people’s best interest. I’ll have a jolly life don’t you worry.

Mary Thurlow: Good.

Nikki Spreadbury-Clews: Well done.

Tam McBride: Yeah! Get out there and spread amongst the blessed, this virus and pandemic is fake. They are just trying to control us and deprive us of our rights

Bradford on Avon Man battling insurers after devastating garden wall collapse

Steve Green: what is insurance for if not to cover loss on account of accidents? Article does not state what damage caused the accident. It looks to me as if the collapse caused all the damage!

Paul Ivory: Ultimately take the insurers to the Ombudsman. That usually gets things focused and sorted

Trudy Kelly: Considering the age of the property and its location was a full survey done before he completed the purchase.

Aaron Harford: That will be a nightmare clearing that. Access through the house

Gillian Clancy: It looks like the garden was constructed badly and therefore unable to sustain the weight and water levels and ground moves caused the slip. But surely that is the purpose of insurance. Also if only recently purchased then go back to the solicitor and surveyor.

Avril Mould: I've just taken a tradesman to Ombudsman , wrote out complaint, did it all and they came back with they are not doing anything but if you wish to add anything do so, I suppose got to wait until Covid over before I get any justice.

GWR Train driver almost 100mph over track speed limit in Wiltshire

Rob Cook: very catching headline. It was a temporary speed reduction on a high speed line of which the driver was not aware due to a fallen down sign and network rail not informing GWR of the reduction.

Richard Joy: ybe he was running late. lol

Mark Nikon: And.

Mary Thurlow: should be sacked.

Revised Elm Grove plans get town council backing

Jeff Hooper: Oh so they've solved the problem this is going to give Bradley Road and Wiltshire Drive along with schooling, doctors etc have they?

Fly tippers fined and branded drain on council resources

Sda Russell: Can't understand this,they have to go out to dump it why not the proper place.

Dolores Johnston: Fully agree one trip would do.

Chippenham man marks 100th blood donation

Debra Kesby: That's wonderful of you, my partner has myelofibrosis blood cancer, he's currently needing 1-2 units a fortnight at Frome Hospital, they are lovely there. Thank you sooo...much for your blood donation and everyone else who donates.

The stay at home dad who had sick secret hobby

Amelia Jayne: Kill it. It's the only cure for people like him!

Lisa Francis: Why does the punishment never seem to fit the crime when it comes to sexual abuse of children? The victims are burdened with this their whole lives yet these people just get a slap on the wrists.

Deb Samways: 150 hours of unpaid work and a fine ... not really punishment is it ?

Dean Stevens: Fecking joke. Castrate the nonce. These sentences never fit the crimes. Maybe due to some elite organisations being rife with it themselves BBC/Hollywood/Vatican etc.

Charlotte Howard: A mere slap on the wrists. Just Google what a category A image is.