Containers of cooking oil containers, plus a large empty jar of mayonnaise, have been dumped on Coate Road in Devizes.

The commercial waste was found by a passing dogwalker next to the old slaughter house. The week prior, a TV had been fly-tipped at the same location, and has now been smashed to pieces.

Noel Woolrych had been passing by with his dog on Friday (November 20) when he stopped to snap a picture of what had been left.

He said: "I walk my dog through there every day . This sort of behaviour just annoys me, it's incredibly selfish. It's not like the recycling facilities are not open. A Tv was dumped there last week as well and completely smashed up.

"What is the point?"

The find was discovered two days after the Talbot Inn, in Calne, posted on Facebook: "We've been robbed! If any friends and neighbours or other local food businesses have any information about the two men stealing used cooking oil, please give us a shout. They have entered private locked property to steal our used oil on more than one occasion now."