TROWBRIDGE is to keep its traditional mayor's charity dinner at the Civic Centre.

Tory group leader, Cllr Antonio Piazza, had urged the council to shelve the dinner and make a donation to the Trowbridge Storehouse foodbank.

He said the £3,000 net budget cost could pay for up to 55 food parcels for people and families in need.

But a majority of councillors rejected his proposal at Tuesday's full council meeting with a vote of 14-5 against and one abstention.

Trowbridge mayor Cllr Peter Fuller urged councillors to keep the dinner, saying it would be a 'reward' for the hard work of councillors and council staff over the past four years.

The annual civic event generally costs around £7,500, and generates a £4,500 income from ticket sales, leaving a net budget cost of £3,000.

Town clerk Lance Allan said: "Any use of these funds to make a grant would have an impact on the council’s financial situation, which would increase the subsidy from those who pay Council Tax in the town."