THE following planning applications have been decided by Wiltshire Council recently.

Minety: A bid for a certificate of lawfulness for commercial horse use of Moor Farm on Ashton Road has been rejected.

In the officer's report, they stated they were 'not satisfied' that the applicant, Ian Smeeth, had described 'precisely' the development that has taken place.

They said: "The submission originally had a statutory declaration stating prior to 2016 the previous owner used the arena for commercial purposes. However, the previous owner’s family member then emailed contradicting this statement."

Due to the conflicting information, the case officer then advised Mr Smeeth to submit a planning bid to right the enforcement issue.

However, the bid was thrown out as the evidence was not persuasive and did not show without a doubt that the land was in breach of a planning condition.

Lower Stanton St Quintin: Mr R Hatfield of 42 Avils Lane submitted a planning bid to build a detached garage on his property.

The plans handed in by Mr Hatfield would see him build the oak framed garage with an overnight guest bedroom above.

The application has since been approved. In their planning conditions, the officer wrote that the garage was not permitted to be occupied at 'at any time other than for purposes ancillary to the residential use of the main dwelling'.

This means that the guest bedroom must not be used as any form of permanent housing.

Market Lavington: Mr and Mrs Clark of Broadwell Cottage, 23 White Street have been given the green light to build a two- and single-storey extension to the rear and side of their property.

The plans also include permission to install pitched roofs to the dormer windows.

Devizes: Plans for split a shopfront in two on Snuff Street have been given the go-head.

Gaiger Bros Ltd of Kennet House, Devizes put in a planning bid which will see half of the Crossmolina Buildings become a brand new yoga studio.

The plans were approved on the condition that work on the plans will begin within the three-year permission window.

Bradford on Avon: A successful planning bid was submitted by J Vaughan to convert their garage at 3 Crown Court, Woolley Street.

The plans will see the applicant convert the existing garage for use as a home office, including the construction of a dormer and Velux windows.

Trowbridge: Tom Westall of 16 Old Farm Road in West Ashton has been denied retrospective planning permission for a garden fence.

Mr Westall put the bid in to replace trees and hedges with 1.8m fencing.

In their report, the planning officer, said: "The unauthorised fence is a visually obtrusive and incongruous structure which fails to positively integrate with the surrounding area and streetscape and does not respect the open estate character of Old Farm Road."

They added that the unauthorised fence was unacceptable because it reduced the visibility for traffic and between vehicles and pedestrians.

Melksham: Following a successful application by Melksham Without Parish Council, a new village hall will be coming to Semington Road.

The site, which is within the Bowood View Housing development near Semington Road was approved with conditions as the planning officer believed the hall would provide a 'fit for purpose' community centre for the residents.

According to the plan statements, the new village hall will replace the temporary facility currently at Berryfield Park.

In a further planning statement, the Berryfield and Semington Road Action Group are quoted as saying: "It is clear the existing building would be completely inadequate for the expanding village and the need for an improve community venue is urgent.

"A larger, permanent hall has been an aspiration for some years now and as the present structure deteriorates its replacement is crucial."

In their comments on the application, the parish council chose only to say that they welcome the 'much-needed' facility.

One condition placed on the plans was that before any part of the development starts, a Green Travel Plan must be submitted, as well installing the full bike parking area.