Marlborough skateboarders have earned themselves a place at the council table to discuss the future of a piece of land not currently in use.

A group of skaters had clubbed together to fund and build their own obstacles on the recreation ground at Salisbury Road.

But the council removed their home made equipment as it was not insured.

The skaters put out a plea on social media, asking local people for their views, with many posting support for their attempt to make use of the land.

Now, the council has thanked the skaters by inviting them to the top table for talks.

"A few weeks ago a group of young people put up some homemade skatepark equipment on hard standing close to our skatepark on Town Council-owned land at the Recreation Ground at Salisbury Road," said a Marlborough Town Council spokesperson.

"Our insurers were not prepared to insure it leaving the Town Council liable for any accidents.

"Clearly we couldn’t put other users of the Recreation Ground at risk but didn’t want to dampen the spirits or efforts of the young people who had spent time creating it all."

The council said they were impressed by the efforts and attitudes of the young people involved and posted the following notice on social media after removing the equipment after they posted a notice at the park.

"We’d like to hear from young people about how they think that we could make better use of this area - please let us know, we really want to work with you."

Sonny Wright, the skater who began the campaign, said he and other skaters are pleased to be involved, but says they remain sceptical that any action will be taken.

The council said it is installing lighting for the skatepark itself which is currently going though the planning permission process at Wiltshire Council.