HERE are some of the views expressed by readers on our Facebook page to some of the stories we have published.

Last week, we covered a racism row concerning a red phonebox in Urchfont.

The village's Parish Council refused plans mooted by a group of teenagers to use the phone box to house a historical information point. Their plans, inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, were turned down by five votes to three.

Esther Allberry: Well done to the young people for trying to get this up and running, that really can't be easy and I hope the museum is able to help give you a voice and maybe help you educate people a little.

Donna Hall: Young people can't win can they. They're often accused of all sorts and chastised for not making a contribution to Society or they're devalued by not being allowed a voice I applaud their efforts here for wanting to make a difference. I hope their ambition is realised in some alternative way.

Stuart Remmy Causer: Well done to the council for looking past the politics of it and looking at the local side of it it would not do anything to improve a village, no matter the good intentions behind it. I mean all the resources that would go in to it are fully available online to people that want to learn, it should not be forced on them.

Kimberly Mence: Phone box is a bit small for a display to be fair, I've seen some turned into flower displays but even that looks a bit cramped

Aimée Elizabeth: In this case the children should have been applauded and supported by the adults to learn more. Everyone is always moaning about young people’s lack of engagement. Maybe the politics could have been taken out of it in the way it could have been presented and it seen as a contribution to a wider conversation about race, equality,humanity and empathy.

Jordan A. Overton: Have to say, this common sense has pleased me today. We are facing much bigger issues in Wiltshire than the empty virtue signal painting of phone boxes right now. Its pleasing that the kids perhaps want to make a difference somehow, but it's not the time, the place or even the method.

Leander Morales: Well done to the young people who gave up their free time to put together a project that would highlight the importance of why black lives matter. I get it. I don’t expect everyone to understand, because they still don’t realise that ‘all lives matter’ when ‘black lives’ are treated as equally as white lives. Still, well done for trying!

Neil Martin: If it was about Labour or the Conservatives it would still have been turned down, the council don’t allow political posts and it would have been political.

Neil Francis: I think the young people have achieved the objective of their campaign beyond their wildest dreams!

We also reported on Wiltshire Council’s calls for views on a new £135m A350 Melksham bypass.

That section of road has been a concern for many years, according to the council and is one of the busiest roads in the county with over 20,000 vehicles using it every day.

Nigel McBay: In 50 years of travelling along the A350 it goes from bad to worse. Don't waste any more public money on it. Lay a new dual carriageway from Poole area to Chippenham M4!

Jeff Farr: Westbury has increasing amount of traffic running through the middle of it, diverted traffic that cannot go through Bath anymore and the pollution levels in Westbury are well above what is considered healthy, does the council realise by ignoring a Westbury bypass they a responsible for putting health of Westbury population at risk. Maybe it’s time the council represented all of the towns and villages in Wiltshire

Billy Kennedy: Doesn’t the A350 already basically go around Melksham ?

Perhaps Westbury maybe worthy of a consideration, as the A350 goes through the Town ?

Hannah Jones: For all you Westburyites where are you putting the bypass? Just bear in mind just like Melksham you will have to be prepared to loose all the green space around it for housing allocation without even the remotest of promises of infrastructure funding for more doctors or schools etc.