POLICE in Bradford on Avon have warned residents not to leave their doors and windows open.

The warning follows a spate of car key burglaries by two male suspects on Monday - including one in which a thief was chased off by an angry resident.

Police said: “Please ensure that your valuables are not easily accessible and that doors and windows are closed and secured at night.”

They added: “Two male suspects have been involved in the theft of two vehicles and one further attempt over the last few days.

“Access has been gained to dwellings and car keys and valuables stolen from within, the keys have then been used to steal the resident’s vehicle.

“Alarmingly these offences have been committed whilst residents were present.”

Police said one vehicle was stolen from the Southleigh area in the early hours of Monday – this was later recovered by police.

Another vehicle was stolen from Cottle Avenue area on Monday evening; this was later found on its roof at the junction of the B3107 and B3105.

A house in Priory Park was also broken into on Monday evening and car keys were stolen – however the suspect was chased off by the homeowners.