More than 600 lucky Wiltshire residents have walked away with a share of a mega £3,800,000 in the last five years thanks to the People's Postcode Lottery. 

All of the lucky winners have managed to bag themselves at least £25,000 each, just by taking part in the subscription lottery draw. 

In the Saturday and Sunday 'Street Prizes' where lucky postcodes are announced, every ticket in that postcode wins £30,000.

With the option to buy multiple tickets you could win up to £90,000. 

The People's Postcode Lottery is a subscription lottery that raises money for charity whilst also giving out cash prizes to subscribers.

Players who sign up must pay £10 per month and are then automatically entered into every draw and prizes are announced every day of the year. 

In April last year three incredibly lucky neighbours won a whopping share of the £3,000,000 April prize pot. 

The postcode sector for the draw was SN5 8 which saw 594 residents winning a share of the £3million.

However, three neighbours from Wallingford Close landed the biggest cheques when SN5 8BS was announced as the full winning postcode.

Bus driver Ian was one of the lucky SN5 8BS residents, after clocking off from a ten-hour shift  he arrived home to find the People's Postcode Lottery team waiting outside his front door.

When he pulled his cheque out of the golden envelope he said: "The first thing I'm going to do is book a first-class ticket to Australia to visit my daughter Nicole and my two-year-old granddaughter Violet."

Another winner was housewife and mother-of-two Catherine who was with her husband Neil and son Mark when she learned she'd scooped the six-figure sum.

Catherine said: "It feels liberating because we won't have to worry about scrimping and saving any more.

"Mark was born prematurely and has autism, epilepsy and ADHD so winning this amount of money means we'll be able to make sure that both him and his sister Laura, who works as a mobile carer and regularly looks after Mark, will be taken care of for the future."

All of the winning postcodes are: 

SN5 8AA - £3,00,000 shared between 594 tickets in 2019

SN1 3LD - £25,000 one winning ticket in 2016

SN4 0NT - £25,000 one winning ticket in 2016

SP3 5BW - £30,000 one winning ticket in 2017

SP9 7FR - £30,000 one winning ticket in 2017

SP9 7FR - £30,000 seven winning tickets in 2017

SN3 6NH - £30,000 one winning ticket in  2017

SN12 7AW - £30,000 four winning tickets in 2017

SP5 5DE - £30,000 one winning ticket in 2018

SP7 9AU - £30,000 one winning ticket in 2019

SN8 3TE - £30,000 four winning tickets in 2019

SN4 8DX - £30,000 two winning tickets in 2019

SP1 2BU - £30,000 two winning tickets in 2019

BA14 7HU - £30,000 one winning ticket in 2020

Not only is the People's Postcode Lottery a good chance to try and get your hands on some all important cash, it's also a great way to give back to important causes with 32% of each ticket going to charity. 

What would you spend the money on if you won big with the People's Postcode Lottery? Let us know in the comments.