A FRUSTRATED dad from Bromham is annoyed his family can’t be tested for coronavirus and is being forced to put life on hold.

The man who wants to remain anonymous said his son fell ill last week buthas struggled to get a test from the NHS. Now he, his wife and three sons can't go to work or school until they know if any of them have the virus. “My 18-year-old son had the initial symptoms, a cough and then he developed a temperature. So we all started to self-isolate, no one has gone to work or school which has been frustrating.

“We can’t get a test, we’ve been on the website every morning trying to get one but it just says none are available. It’s completely frustrating, we can’t do anything and it’s so disruptive. Now I have a sore throat, a cough and a temperature, it could be nothing but we just can’’t risk it. We don’t want to put anyone else at risk either.”

The dad of three said: “It’s not the right thing to do but I can understand why people are doing that. It’s a worrying time when you don’t know if you have it.”