PLANS to build hundreds of houses on land at Rawlings Farm, Chippenham have been given the go ahead by Wiltshire Council.

The outline application by KBC Developments would see up to 650 homes, five-hectares of employment-generating land, a primary school and a 10-hectare country park built.

The site is part of the Chippenham Site Allocation Plan and the revised plans were recommended for approval to alleviate the tilted balance caused by Wiltshire’s lack of a five-year land supply.

The tilted balance policy says there should be a presumption of permission where there is a housing land shortfall.

Previously approved in 2016, the new proposals were deemed to be substantially revised enough to return to Strategic Planning for further approval.

The changes included reducing the number of houses from 700. 

Objecting, Chippenham Cllr Nick Murry noted at least five documents were posted by the applicant in August, two months after the final consultation period.

Cllr Howard Greenman, who called in the application, said that while concerns still lingered his position has changed and he would show support for the proposal. 

Cllr Tony Trotman asked if the committee was to agree with the recommendations that the timeline of implementation could be shortened to two years or earlier. 

“I just thought with the five-year land supply in jeopardy right the way through the county that this is one that ought to be brought forward rather quicker,” he said. 

Development management team leader, Lee Burman said a short timeframe probably would not be achievable.

A motion to approve the recommendations was put forward by committee chair, Cllr Fleur de Rhé-Philipe and seconded by Cllr Christopher Newbury. Committee members voted with seven in favour and four against.