HERE are some of the views expressed by readers on our Facebook page to stories published this week.

Last week we covered the storey of a year group at Trinity CE Primary Academy in Devizes due to a Year 4 pupil testing positive for coronavirus.

Polly Louise Greenaway: This is going to be a total nightmare for children and families. It’s going to be a long winter

Michelle Cowdery: This region was very lucky the first time around, and now with the nice weather and lifting restrictions, it now looks as though we may get our fare share. Thanks to those who do not understand simple instructions, doing as they please with no consideration for their families.

Emma Clark: You can't be in school with a cold our school has told us! My child has been told not to go in with cold symptoms, and told to get a Covid test this is going to be a massive drain on the NHS.

Morag Fricker: This lack of education for innocent children has got to stop.

Gillian Clancy: What did they expect opening schools pubs etc?

We also covered a Devizes family's fury over their son, who threw a party while they were on holiday, was slapped with a £10,000 fine.

Sophie Louise: Poor chap live and learn hey we all done it when we were younger. Unfortunately we didn't have Fakebook to let everyone know... where was my invite? Leaving a 16-year-old umm recipe for crazy stuff = all to blame to be honest with you.

Amanda Wood-Woolley: How the hell are they going to prove they were gate crashed they weren’t even here to supervise. No argument!

Sorry but your son had a party end of. How about I have a party and invite tons of mates round and just say "ooops sorry I was gate crashed!” I’m sure you would be first to agree I was fined.

Expensive holiday or is it expensive start to uni? Get his mates to help with the cost after all they enjoyed it too.

Grow a set, hold your hands up and admit you were wrong... end of story.

Carolyn Robins: Good about time do of these rules were enforced.

Stuart Remmy Causer: You held a party that got out of hand you should of called someone to deal with it you didn't the party continued yes you should be fined also if this is a school leavers party then the kids would be around 16 and should not of been on there own when the parents when on holiday sounds to me like a stupid mistake but one they have to now live with.

SU GV: Think that’s called tough,if you’re child can’t be trusted then don’t leave them behind. Learning the hard way!

Emma Greenhill: Far play to the police although I do think they should of given out individual fines.

Billy West: “They gatecrashed” yeah, as a teenager I can say I’ve used that excuse more than once.

Caroline Melhuish: Good hope this is enforced and maybe some people will realise that this is not a game its serious

In Trowbridge, 500 car enthusiasts formed an illegal gathering at the White Horse Business Park after the police moved them out of the multi-storey in the town centre.

Amanda Jane: Looking at Snapchat, there was practically no social distancing going on at all.

Pamela Raymond-Heath: And they left tons of McDonald's rubbish all over the estate!

Elaine Dunn: Don't understand why you would do that at the moment.

Deb Samways: Complete numbskulls.

We also published an article questioning if there would be a second UK lockdown.

Jason Brown: Probably, thanks to all the sheeple out there.

Mark Ware: I am sick of people not taking Covid seriously. Plus the nonsense conspiracy theories and false information about the virus all over the internet makes me despair. Agree? Join the #wibble movement, we need people like you.

Chris Stretch Sims: Of course there's going to be a second a lockdown that's what there gathering momentum with cases rising in all parts of the country. I recon lockdown over Christmas. Karl keep your wallet in your pocket of you will be paying for the food like I did.